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Asrin Daoudi is a lawyer with passion for healthy food and cooking, yoga, gym, travelling, supporting and advising others on these topics. Asrin is 27 years old and is from Iranian descent. She strongly believes in the potentials of any individual who wants to get the most out of life. With an enthusiastic and positive mind-set and a sky high determination to enjoy every day in life while developing her professional and personal capabilities. She is convinced that with her motivation and knowledge she can help others to improve their personal and professional goals toward a more successful and healthier life.

Educational background

Asrin believes in justice. Her willingness to help others in the complex legal world has motivated her to study Law. She graduated with honours from The Hague University of applied sciences in 2011 from the “International and European Law” program.

After her Bachelor's degree in Law, Asrin continued to pursue an academic degree at the Maastricht University. She graduated from the Master’s program in Globalization and Law – Corporate and Commercial Law specialization.

Asrin continued expanding her horizon and therefore she did not want to exclude her opportunity and dream to become an advocate one day and to have her own Law practice. Therefore, she continued studying “Dutch Law” at the Maastricht University.

As she continued working toward achieving her goals and full potential, Asrin’s entrepreneurial desire to have her own business to advice and support everyone who is in need of legal and academic writing expertise and physical and mental coaching turned into actions. Her dream planted the seed which grew out to be the launching of the website “DAOUDI SERVICES”, in early September 2015.


Asrin has a diversified working experience in the legal as well as in the academic field. Currently she is working for the Dutch tax authorities “de belastingdienst” where she is dealing with social benefit appeal cases.

Asrin Has worked for the following firm(s) and organization(s):



Do you have difficulties with IND procedures? Our office can assist you in the requests for or the extension of your residence permit and related services. Contact us for an intake meeting.

Research & Write

Your emergency line for any difficulties you encounter while doing research for an assignment, a paper or your thesis. We are also providing proofreading services and skills training for job interviews. Contact us for an appointment

Health & Food

Having difficulties to achieve your goals in the gym and a hard time cooking a healthy meal? My sugar free health plan and personal training schedules will get your body and mind into shape. Contact us for an appointment

Research & Writing

Academic Research & Writing Skills

Asrin has been working for the Maastricht University library for two years. In her position as a Peer Point student assistant at the Education and Research Support Department, she was providing assistance in research and writing skills to the student community.

To Help You With

Our Academic Research & writing skills division can help you with the followings matters concerning your academic assignments, paper(s) and thesis:

  • Proofreading
  • Carrying out research up to 10-12 relevant articles
  • Formulating a research question
  • Building an outline
  • Carrying out research in databases
  • Structure
  • Academic language use
  • Academic writing
  • CV check up
  • Cover letter check up
  • How to overcome a “writer’s block”

Email us for a free intake.

Health & Food

Health and nutrition

Our “health and nutrition division” is focused on providing the support our customers need in order to live a healthy and fit life. A fit body and mind will help you to feel more confident with yourself, more motivated and more energetic. We provide One-on-one tailor-made motivational work-out training as well as nutrition advice. Every individual is different and every body and mind reacts differently to a change of lifestyle. We are here to assist you in YOUR road toward a healthier and more energetic life which will help you to achieve any personal and professional goal that you envision. What exactly we can do for you? Contact us through email and we will arrange an appointment with you.

Having difficulties to achieve your goals in the gym and a hard time cooking a healthy meal? My sugar free health plan and personal training schedules will get your body and mind into shape. Our health & food division provides dinner workshops for up to 5 persons. For a little compensation we will teach you to prepare a healthy and delicious dinner with fresh ingredients and rich flavors. Are you interested in joining one of our tasty & healthy dinner workshops provided by Asrin?

Have a look at our workshops below and subscribe through email for the workshop of your preference.

1. African Pumpkin soup workshop

2. Persian cuisine dinner

3. Vegetarian dinner

4. Healthy risotto dinner

5. vegetable Carpaccio

6. Rice paper rolls

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